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Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre offers free counselling to women affected by Domestic Violence.

Have you or do you know someone who has experienced family or Domestic Violence? We can Help.

Domestic Violence can include any of the following within a domestic relationship:

  • Physical assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Emotional manipulation/abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Social abuse/isolation
  • Property theft/damage
  • Financial abuse
  • Blackmail

How can counselling help me?

  • Counselling provides a safe environment for you to share what has happened without judgement
  • Understanding and empathy for what you have been through
  • Assistance in finding the support you need - opportunities for referrals to other services and service information
  • Strategies for alleviating stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues
  • Exploring the past and embracing the future
  • Explore feelings and thoughts associated with trauma
  • Confidential and Safe
  • Discreet

How do I join the Program?

We take referrals from:

  • Local services and organisations
  • Friends and family
  • Self-referrals

Call Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre to talk to one of our counsellors confidentially on 6883 2300 and make a time to visit in person.

Domestic & Family Violence Counselling
Funded by NSW Health