To think. To Know. To understand.

Connecting culture and improving social and educational outcomes for suspended and at risk students in Kindergarten through to Year 6.

Winanggaay offers activities that all correspond with the National Quality Standard and Meeting Program Requirements.

Students follow a structured program focusing on learning opportunities in:

  • Cultural Identity
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Life Skills
  • Social Skills

Experience Success:

The program creates opportunities for individual student success where students can demonstrate what they can do, learn from what they are still attaining and establish their own targets to bridge gaps in knowledge


Encourage students to take ownership of their learning, decisions and responses


Empower learners to think, to know and to understand their identity and unique capabilities.

Cultural Connection:

Opportunities for students to explore their individual heritage, shared culture and spiritual beliefs. Improving pathways to prosperity and wellbeing.

Winanggaay offers support services for suspended students (K-6) that include:

  • Small groups with targeted academic assistance for individual skill development
  • Intensive tutoring
  • Building cultural identity
  • Improve social interactions
  • Anger management and awareness
  • Mind-mapping and building strategies for a positive school experience
  • Guest speakers/activities
  • End of term Culture Day
  • Ongoing student support - monitoring student progress/re-engagement
  • Parent/community involvement
  • Student and family referral

When is the program run?

The program is run Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm at Connecting Community Services.

How to join?

If your child (in kindergarten to year 6) is suspended (short or long term) or at risk of being suspended from school, contact Connecting Community Services for an enrolment package or drop in to pick one up.

Call Connecting Community Services on 02 6883 2300 or email

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